FOR RELEASE – February 16, 2015

Leo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Written and Illustrated by Shannon Gambino
E-book and Print, February 16, 2015

Leo the Three-Toed SlothHodgePodge Press is proud to present the third book in the The Amazon Rainforest Series:
Leo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way.

Available February 16, 2015, in e-book format on Amazon and print format from Amazon, online retailers, and bookshops.

Autographed print copies available through HodgePodge Press.


“There never was any heart truly great and generous, that was not also tender and compassionate.” ~ Robert Frost

Lost in the blackness of a moonless eve
Darkness envelops; hope scattering on a breeze
But in the midst of heartache, a peace spills into the soul
Memories of past loved ones take control
They glow, flit, and dance with delight
Surrounding the lost in a brilliant light –
A multitude of fireflies pulsing in their fractal rhythm, ne’er alone
Chasing the darkness and guiding the way home
Cicadas burst forth in a musical majestic chorus
Their songs ricocheting off the trees throughout the forest

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