Book Design – Formatting and Wraparounds

Book Designer – Jason Thacker

I. Formatting
We can assist with formatting all books. We have the right to change pricing at any time if the formatting required exceeds normal expectations.
General Pricing (all genres, 100,000+ words):
$60 for Kindle
$80 for paperback
General Pricing (all genres, between 20,000 and 100,000 words):
$40 for Kindle
$60 for paperback
General Pricing (all genres, 20,000 words or less)
$25 for Kindle
$40 for paperback
II. Wraparounds
Paperbacks need a wraparound. We offer a wraparound for the paperback using the ebook cover at no extra cost if Jason does the formatting.
III. General Information
All standard ebook formatting comes with a linkable Table of Contents. It’s a great way for the reader to flip between chapters. 
All payments can be made through PayPal to Jason Thacker using email address:
  • *All quotes are in US dollars, and we prefer Paypal for any payments.*
  • **We can only edit writing in English.**

Examples of Jason’s work include DARK MERIDIAN and GHOSTS IN A DESERT WORLD, both authored by Matthew Tait. Both incredible covers were illustrated by James Powell.


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